Bio-tech Teaching With Access to Multimillion Dollar Lab Equipment

Imagine having access to the technology that we see on CSI or NCIS? Or being really able to sequence DNA or have a knowledgeable virtual assistant to show you how to use all their the cool new toys that can make you a Bio-Engineer? Labster is a bio-tech education startup founded back in 2011. It [...]

Mind & Brain in the Media

Recent shows and podcasts of interest. All in the Mind An exploration of all things mental, All in the Mind is about the brain and behavior, and the fascinating connections between them. The Digital Human (BBC Radio 4) Aleks Krotoski charts how digital culture is moulding modern living. Each week join technology journalist Aleks Krotoski [...]

The First Neurosynaptic Computing Chips

IBM announced that it has built two prototype chips that process data more analogous to the way humans digest information than the chips that now power PCs and supercomputers. The chips represent a significant milestone in a six-year-long project that has involved 100 researchers, a number of  academic institutions and funding from the government’s Defense [...]