Teens May Seek Health Information Online, Don’t Always Trust It

  A study by Northwestern University Center on Media and Human Development of 1,156 adolescents (13-18) studied how teenagers learned about health. It is often assumed that adolescents are easily reached via social media, the researchers found that these efforts do not necessarily true and that often teenagers want to be more private and don’t want [...]

HIPPA Issues When Recommending Apps to Patients

A study by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit advocacy organization in San Francisco, evaluated 43 popular free and paid apps that were made for consumer use. Apps used by health professionals were not part of the study. Researchers reviewed the mobile application privacy policies and  installed and used the apps to see what data [...]

Smart Pill: Ingestible Computing

As society struggles with wearable technology and privacy, along comes the “computer in a pill” that can monitor our internal systems. Inside the pills are sensors and transmitters. After ingestion, they make their way through the stomach and intestines and relay information. One company, Proteus Digital Health, makes one of these swallowable health monitors which needs [...]

Hospitals and Social Media

A recent article in the Journal of Medical Internet Research evaluated the use of social media in hospitals, particularly in Western Europe. Data was collected from 12 Western European countries during the following three time periods: April to August 2009, August to December 2010, and April to July 2011. The study included 873 hospitals of [...]

FDA Proposes Mobile Medical Apps Guidance

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has drafted a new guidance document for its regulation of mobile medical applications used on smartphones and other mobile computing devices. The draft guidance document defines the mobile medical applications designed for mobile computing devices and smartphones that the agency intends to regulate, and delineates mobile medical applications [...]

New Journal on the Applications of Digital Games to Human Health

A new journal will be launched in Fall 2011 entitled “Games for Health: Research, Development, and Clinical Applications. (G4H)” This new, peer-reviewed journal will be published bi-monthly and will be dedicated to the development, use, and applications of game technology for improving physical and mental health and well-being. This is the first journal to address [...]