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Discovery of Health Apps Among Those With Mental Health Needs

A study published in Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR) by Stephen M Schueller, PhD and colleagues from Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, recruited participants from Northwestern University’s Center for Behavioral Intervention Technologies’ research registry of individuals with mental health needs. Participants (n=811) completed a survey asking about their use and interest in health and mental [...]

Barriers to eHealth in Psychiatry

Unlike other areas of medicine, technological solutions for mental health are not necessarily sought by consumers nor recommended by clinicians. A study of multidisciplinary professionals was conducted to identify and discuss the barriers to introducing eHealth technology-supported interventions within mental health. Ten issues were identified that need to be addressed to improve mental health (using technology). They are [...]

Teens May Seek Health Information Online, Don’t Always Trust It

  A study by Northwestern University Center on Media and Human Development of 1,156 adolescents (13-18) studied how teenagers learned about health. It is often assumed that adolescents are easily reached via social media, the researchers found that these efforts do not necessarily true and that often teenagers want to be more private and don’t want [...]

Are computer-based personality judgments are more accurate than those made by humans?

According to a new study published in the Proceedings of the National of Sciences (PNAS), computer predictions based on a generic digital footprint (Facebook Likes) are more accurate (r = 0.56) than those made by the participants’ Facebook friends using a personality questionnaire (r = 0.49); (ii) computer models show higher interjudge agreement; and (iii) computer [...]

Is it time to update physician’s social media guidelines?

According to an article in this month’s JAMA, organized medicine should change the medical profession guidelines on social media use that calls on doctors to separate their personal and professional online personas. The article suggests that “instead of focusing on professional and personal boundaries, physicians should zero in on the boundary between what is appropriate [...]

HIPPA Issues When Recommending Apps to Patients

A study by the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse, a nonprofit advocacy organization in San Francisco, evaluated 43 popular free and paid apps that were made for consumer use. Apps used by health professionals were not part of the study. Researchers reviewed the mobile application privacy policies and  installed and used the apps to see what data [...]

Studies of Alcohol Use on Facebook

  A study published in Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking evaluated 160 Facebook profiles to examine how drinking alcohol is portrayed in both text and images. A second component of the study sought to determine how friends react to these alcohol-related postings. The analysis generated 2,575 pictures and 92 status updates referring to alcohol use, [...]

Camp for Technology Detox

Welcome to Camp Grounded, an adults-only summer camp about two and half hours north of San Francisco. Approximately 300 people gathered there for three days of color wars, talent shows, flag-raisings and other regressive activities organized by Digital Detox, an Oakland-based group dedicated to helping technology-addicted people to “disconnect to reconnect.” So many of us [...]

Use of Virtual Community of Practice in Residency Training

A study in the Journal of Medical Internet Research evaluated the usefulness of implementing a virtual community of practice in a Family Practice residency training program in Australia. According to the authors, training for Australian general practice, or family medicine, can be isolating, with residents or trainees moving between rural and urban environments, and between [...]

Mind & Brain in the Media

Recent shows and podcasts of interest. All in the Mind An exploration of all things mental, All in the Mind is about the brain and behavior, and the fascinating connections between them. The Digital Human (BBC Radio 4) Aleks Krotoski charts how digital culture is moulding modern living. Each week join technology journalist Aleks Krotoski [...]