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Copying DVDs

In spite of the recent court rulings and the pressures from the entertainment industry to prevent any copying of DVDs, we are permitted to make archival copies of DVD movies and other content. For those interested in the copy process and software, Yahoo has a regular series called Tech Tuesday. This week they highlight articles [...]

Transferring volumes of data is cheaper by truck

Jim Gray (of Microsoft’s research team) has realized that, when you’re transfering a lot of data, those brown trucks are faster and cheaper than the Internet. An interview with Jim Gray who is described as a giant in the world of database and transaction-processing computer systems. The interview begins with: “Sit down, turn off your [...]

Journal of Mundane Behavior

Somehow when everyone is looking for the new, interesting and coolest things around, there stands an interesting publication that should be included in the ‘different’ category – The Journal of Mundane Behavior. The JMB is a real journal hosted by the Department of Sociology and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at California State [...]

WiFi Continues to Proliferate

Many cities and college campuses are making Wi-Fi as free as the foliage in public plazas. And now you can use Wi-Fi gratis in New York if you’re a Verizon Internet subscriber or eating an Extra Value Meal at some McDonald’s restaurants. There are a growing number of places where people with a properly outfitted [...]