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Shifting Trends in Internet Use by Americans

About 126 million Americans–or 63 percent of adults–use the Internet regularly, a number that has leveled off in the past two years, according to the latest study fom the Pew Internet and American Life Project. However, more people today than ever before use the Web for serious business, such as shopping, paying bills, banking, conducting [...]

Free Hospital Information System

Software that was developed to care for Vietnam war vets is being adapted to make affordable healthcare information technology available worldwide. A non-profit corporation called WorldVista plans on adapting the program called Vista (Veterans Health Information Systems and Technology Architecture) beyond the borders of the US to developing countries. Having a complete unified hospital information [...]

Biometrics – Sooner Than We Thought

Biometrics: High-tech security systems that rely on detailed measurements of the human body, known as biometrics, are taking off. But should they be? An article in the Science Technology Quarterly in the Economist offers an interesting review of the pros and cons of biometric testing. It is inevitable that we will be using more of [...]

A Map of the Internet

In case you were wondering just what the Internet looks like, the folks at the Opte Project have generated static and dynamic 2D JPG/PNG images and 3D VRML maps of the Internet. They produce maps ‘using over 5 million edges and has an estimated 50 million hop count.’ The mapping uses color and other graphing [...]