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Introducting the Cantenna

A physics research institute in Trieste, Italy is using a low-cost but effective tool to bolster communications in developing countries: the tin-can antenna. Made from a can (the best are those used for seed oil), a screw-on connector and a short brass wire, the “cantenna” is promoted by researchers as a cheap and efficient tool [...]

Robotic Physician Makes Rounds

Sinai Hospital in Baltimore has implemented a “rounding robot” that enables physicians to perform rounds remotely. The telemedicine technology is manufactured by InTouch Health. It allows physicians to log onto the Internet and use a remote control to manipulate the robot. The robot uses a video screen, digital camera and microphone to facilitate interactions between [...]

Animated Robot For Hospitalized Children

The Robotics & Multibody Research Group (Brussels University) is working on Anty, an intelligent soft robot that will entertain long-term hospitalized children. When developed the robot will walk, talk and show feelings. According to the creators, Anty will be able to develop different personalities, so kids won’t get bored with him. Anty uses sensors for [...]

Research With Hand-held Device Brings Speech To Impaired And Disabled Individuals

After suffering from strokes, many individuals are unable to do many of the things that they used to do, like talking on the phone. A new device being researched by neurolinguist Filip Loncke, assistant professor in the Communications Disorders program of the Curry School of Education at the University of Virginia, will enable people to [...]

Epocrates Essentials

Epocrates Essentials provides a comprehensive resource for medical professionals on their mobile devices (Palm, PocketPC and newer devices including Treos). It goes well beyond loading medical textbooks on a mobile device. Essentials includes a full suite of offerings featuring all of the key decision support applications – drugs, diseases, and diagnostics – required for today’s [...]