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An Interface Between Neurons and Silicon Chips

European researchers have created an interface between mammalian neurons and silicon chips. The development is a crucial first step in the development of advanced technologies that combine silicon circuits with a mammal

The Future of Computing – 2020

The Journal Nature presents a special review of the Future of Computing. According to the introduction, “in the last two decades advances in computing technology, from processing speed to network capacity and the internet, have revolutionized the way scientists work. From sequencing genomes to monitoring the Earth’s climate, many recent scientific advances would not have [...]

fMRI Technology and Marketing Psychology

In the first study to use fMRI to evaluate which brain regions are activated in response to the qualities of commercial brands and products, researchers from the University of Michigan and Harvard University found some interesting results. Carolyn Yoon and colleagues, discovered that even though companies will use identical vocabularies to describe both people and [...]

Can Cellphones Really Harm People In Hopitals?

According to Roy Soto an anesthesiologist at Stony Brook University Hospital on Long Island, N.Y, this is the stuff of ‘urban myth’ with no basis in science. Can a cell phone conversation kill a person on a ventilator or send a patient with a pacemaker into cardiac arrest? Many hospitals around the world ban use [...]

Implantable Wireless Device Delivers Drugs

According to a recent study published in he Nature Biotechnology journal, researchers for the first time have successfully tested an implantable microchip device that is wirelessly activated to deliver controlled drug doses into the body over a prolonged time period. The technology is from Microchips, a company that specializes in implantable drug delivery and biosensors. [...]