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Physicians Grow More Tech Savvy

Physicians are warming up to health IT in their everyday practices, according to a report released Wednesday by Manhattan Research, Information Week reports. The report finds that physicians are using the Internet, especially Yahoo and Google, and that they often access online information during patient consultations. In addition, the report finds that physicians are using [...]

ESP: Emotional Social Intelligence Prosthesis

Scientists at MIT’s Media Lab are developing a wearable device they say is capable of helping people read the subtlest, most nuanced emotions in another person by tracking the movements of that person’s eyebrows, lips, and other facial features. This technology can be used to help people with autism in their everyday lives. One of [...]

Using Your Brain To Control Your Computer

According to a recent article in Wired “Now That’s Using Your Brain,” a study is underway at The Wadsworth Center in New York State to use brain waves to type and send email messages. The goal of brain-wave typing is to open up a world of communication with caregivers and loved ones for people disabled [...]

A Video Game as Treatment

HopeLab announced the release of Re-Mission(TM), the first video game scientifically shown to improve health-related outcomes for young people with cancer, an underserved and overlooked population who are at greater risk for adverse cancer outcomes. The game is available free of charge to young people with cancer concurrent with the release of positive results from [...]

Search Engine For Biomedical Specialists

A research team from the Biotechnology Centre at the Technical University of Dresden has designed a special search engine. Transinsight is a company focused on the life sciences that provides products and solutions for intelligent search technologies. Their main product is GoPubMed GoPubMed can search literature repositories, websites, intranets and desktops. It indexes results and [...]