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Nanotechnology in the Spotlight

According to a new study released by the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, nanotechnology promises to bring sweeping technological advances in coming years. The report entitled “ Nanotechnology: The Future is Coming Sooner Than You Think” (pdf download, 232 KB), states that nanotechnology will lead to dramatic breakthroughs in many areas including medicine, communications, computing, [...]

Minimizing the Stress of Medical Emergencies

Minimizing red tape in an emergency room can go a long way in reducing the stress that patients and families experience in these situations. Starting this week, the Einstein at Elkins Park division of the Albert Einstein Healthcare Network in Philadelphia is offering Emergency Room Pre-registration to residents of Elkins Park, Northeast Philadelphia and the [...]

Google Partners to Offer Free EMR

Google plans on partnering with Practice Fusion, a San Francisco company, to offer a free Web-based electronic health record system to physicians and medical groups. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, “electronic medical records systems generally cost doctors upward of $20,000 to install. But Practice Fusion offers the service at a price that’s hard to [...]

Virtual Reality Game Links Depression to Hippocampus

A brief report in the March 2007 American Journal of Psychiatry, describes using 3D virtual reality video games to advance our understanding of neuroanatomy and its association with clinical depression. Scientists from University College in London have been using a virtual-reality, three-dimensional video game that challenges spatial memory as a new tool for assessing the [...]