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Use of Online Healthcare Tools

According to a recent study of consumer’s use of online health care tools, the most popular tool was a search for a physician or a facility. The study population were 3,403 non-elderly, commercially insured US consumers who use online health care tools. The survey found that 23% of respondents use health plan selection tools, 19% [...]

Health 2.0 Conference

Health 2.0 Conference took place this past week in San Francisco. The goal of the conference was to get the leaders in Health2.0 to meet each other and to meet the key individuals in large health care organizations, technology, finance and anyone with an interest in the topic. Online consumer aggregators such as Google, Yahoo!, [...]

Studying Internet Technophobes

A group of psychologists are being hired by BT, a large Internet provider in the UK, to study individuals who are reluctant or fearful of using the Internet. Statistics on UK net use suggest that 39% of households do not have web access and some preliminary research suggests that for some people, using the Net [...]

Web 2.0 and Medicine: Poster Session on Second Life

A science and medicine poster session was held on Second Life. Poster presentations and discussion included: – web 2.0

Brain Painting: The Aesthetics of Neuroscience

What do you get when you combine art and brainwaves? Brain painting. Colorful fractal images from electroencephalograms. Bill Scott from UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute along with others, recently developed a new neuroimaging technology that creates a fractal signature from an EEG. He has successfully utilized this technology as a form of EEG biofeedback. His primary area [...]