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Fixing the Education Digital Disconnect

The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) will launch Immune Attack TM, an exciting, fun and fast-moving video game that teaches the critical scientific facts of immunology. The cutting-edge game is designed to teach how the immune system works to defend the body against invading bacteria. The visual elements and simulations are critical for grasping the [...]

Google Health Launches

Google Inc. has finally launched its long-awaited Google Health (, a service / product that will enable users to upload and store medical records from many sources and get relevant health information. Yesterday’s announcement expands upon Google

US Study on Home Healthcare Technology and Telehealth

A recent study by the Royal Philips Electronics called the Philips National Study on the Future of Technology and Telehealth in Home Care reveals that nearly one third of large agencies are currently using a telehealth system and that industry use of telehealth is expected to double over the next two years, principally as a [...]

A Memory Lifebook for Dementia

A device called the MEMENTO Memory LifeBook is designed as a wearable mobile memory aid for elderly individuals with mild-to-moderate dementia. The goal was to design a user friendly, ergonomic device to serve the unique needs of this population. The product aims to allow the elderly demented users to manage their lives more effectively and [...]

Who Should Own Data Captured in Personal Health Records?

According to a survey by the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), 92 percent of health care IT professionals said patients should own the data captured in personal health records. Four percent of respondents said providers should own PHR data, while 1% said the company supplying the PHR should own the data. The survey [...]

Structured Clinical Interview Training And Virtual Patients

Virtual Human Agent (VHA) technology has evolved to a point where researchers may begin developing mental health applications that make use of virtual reality patients. In an ongoing study from the University of Southern California of virtual patients (VP). Researchers have developed an approach that allows novice mental health clinicians to conduct an interview with [...]