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Maybe It Is Time To Change Your Password

In a recent online survey, 42 percent of Internet users admitted to logging into other people’s email and social networking accounts without their knowledge. A poll by Internet Evolution of 300 readers asked “Have you ever logged into someone’s email or social networking account without his or her knowledge?” The (slim) majority replied that they [...]

Robot With A Biological Brain

A research team at the University of Reading has developed a robot which is controlled by a biological brain formed from cultured neurons. This cutting edge research is the first step to examine how memories manifest themselves in the brain, and how a brain stores specific pieces of data. The key aim is that eventually [...]

Clinical Decision Support Tools Can Change The Practice Of Medicine

Clinical decision support(CDS) tools, technologies that provide information to aid the diagnosis and treatment of patients, are set to make dramatic changes to the practice of medicine, according to a new report by Datamonitor. Early adopters of EHRs have begun adding more advanced functionalities, including CDS tools, to their EHRs. According to the report, EHRs [...]

Study Shows Playing Video Games Can Change Behavior, Biology

Video games are among the most popular entertainment media in the world. New, groundbreaking research published in this month’s Pediatrics Journal shows that a specially designed video game can promote positive behaviors in young cancer patients that enhance the effectiveness of medical treatment. This research provides scientific evidence for a growing field of product development [...]