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Want responsible robotics? Start with responsible humans

The way humans think about artificial intelligence, and robotics was inspired by Issac Asimov who penned the “Three Laws of Responsible Robotics.” In the current issue of journal IEEE Intelligent Systems, two engineers propose alternative laws to rewrite our future with robots.The future they foresee is at once safer, and more realistic. Even though Asimov [...]


Hacking into the brain? As brain-to-computer interfaces become more commonplace, scientists are beginning to worry that the risks of ‘brain hacking’ should be taken seriously. While great strides have been made in implantable electronic devices, little attention has been paid to the security of these digital connections. An article in this month’s Neurosurgical Focus discusses [...]

Internet-Based Intervention for Insomnia

Another study of online CBT for insomnia published in this month’s Archives of General Psychiatry shows promise. Researchers from the University of Virginia Health System conducted a study of an Internet based intervention program designed to treat insomnia. The online program based on established face-to-face cognitive behavioral therapy techniques is called SHUTi (Sleep Healthy Using [...]

Internet Filtering Can Hinder A Psychiatric Assessment

An interesting letter to the editor in the May-June Psychosomatics describes a case where a hospital