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Artificial Intelligence to Avoid Forgetting Things

Using a combination of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) labels and AI (artificial intelligence) programming, researchers from the University of Granada have devised a system that notifies the elderly or people with special needs that they are forgetting certain everyday tasks. This system uses sensors distributed in the environment in order to detect their actions and [...]

Twitter and Healthcare

How potentially useful is Twitter for medical applications? According to the Medical Connectivity section of the latest issue of Telemedicine and e-Health, Twitter is emerging as a potentially valuable means of real-time, on-the-go communication of healthcare information and medical alerts. Physician groups, hospitals, and healthcare organizations are discovering a range of beneficial applications for using [...]

Therapist-delivered Internet Psychotherapy For Depression

According to a study in this month’s Lancet, CBT seems to be effective for depression in primary care when delivered online in real time by a therapist, with benefits maintained over 8 months. A research team at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom, conducted a multicenter, randomized controlled trial, 297 individuals with a [...]

Study Redefines the Age of Video Gamers

Although it is generally believed that playing video games is primarily the past-time of adolescents. According to a new U.S. survey, the “real” gamers are 35-year-old adults, many of whom are overweight, socially introverted and possibly depressed. Investigators from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Emory University and Andrews University analyzed survey data [...]

New Journal: Music and Medicine

Sage Publications recently announced a new official Journal of the International Association for Music and Medicine. A peer reviewed publication with a goal of bringing together information that is currently scattered across many disciplines and throughout many publications. Music and Medicine will focus on studies that integrate the science of medicine with the art of [...]

The Neuro Revolution: How Brain Science Is Changing Our World

In looking at our technological revolutions, we have progressed through an agricultural revolution, an industrial revolution, and an information revolution. What follows is a Neuro Revolution which according to book author Zack Lynch, “foretells a fast approaching fourth epoch, one that will radically transform how we all work, live and play.” The developing neurotechnology which [...]