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A Pacemaker for The Brain

A team of researchers from Tel Aviv University’s Psychobiology Research Unit and an international group from Austria, England and Spain are working on a chip that will provide deep brain stimulation precisely where and when it’s needed. This chip is called the Rehabilitation Nano Chip (or ReNaChip). It is hooked up to tiny electrodes which [...]

Software to Measure Emotional Reactions to the Web

A group of Canadian scientists from the University of Montreal Department Of Communications is developing software that can actually measure emotional reactions to the Web. The software evaluates the biological responses of Internet users including: body heat, eye movements, facial expressions and other reactions to analyze how they relate to online activities. The researchers are [...]

Technology and Medicine

An interesting technology and medicine book review published in the current JAMA called Technology Medicine: The Changing World of Doctors and Patients, discusses how technology has become an integral part of medicine in the last 5 decades. The book explores several “tranformative” medical technologies that have changed the doctor-patient relationship as well as  the world [...]