Welcome to the American Association for Technology in Psychiatry

What is new?  Welcome to our website, we are very excited about the features and capabilities that this new website offers. We now have a members only section with articles, presentation slides to download and many other features to come. In addition, we have added technology and app reviews and a What’s Hot section for interesting and new features. Also, try this website on your smartphone where it is truly an app. Stay safe and Stay tuned!

We are planning a get together in Los Angeles on May 1st, 2021. Suggestions and ideas are welcomed.

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The American Association for Technology in Psychiatry, a nonprofit membership organization of physicians and mental health professionals, is dedicated to the development and use of information technology to improve the quality and availability of psychiatric and mental health care. AATP aspires to be our members’ primary forum for association, for accessing colleagues who share interests and ambitions, and for communicating our work and vision.

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