Tile: The World’s Lost and Found

tileTile is a crowdfunded startup company that has a clever idea. They will sell you a small square tile and you can place it on any object that you may want to find – like on your key ring, bicycle, pocketbook, etc. You can locate it using an iOS device. The Tile app tells you how close your are or you can even have your tile give you an audible tone to locate it.

What is quite interesting is that if you lost something, for example, your bicycle was stolen, you can potentially find it through the entire tile community near you. Others with tile, can relay the signal of the tile that you placed on your bike to your iOS device.

Tile has almost 16,000 backers and reached 4,298% of its goal. The goal was $20,000 and with a few more days of left, it has reached a funding level of $859,562.

You can pre-order tiles for $18.95 each.

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